Mums Hustle Tracey Trihy


Hi, I'm Tracey and thanks for visiting Mums Hustle Lifestyle Blog! I blog about family life in Ireland (we've just moved here from Australia!), food and fashion. I love my family, I love eating and I love shopping so it was a natural fit to blog about this!

Why I started blogging? Because I'm a stay at home mum of four girls, and wanted to find ways to make money working from home. Day care fees can be very expensive (did I mention we have four kids?) and living in rural Ireland, the commute isn't great.

I also needed a creative outlet for myself, some me time that didn't require going far from home. So blogging is a perfect fit because I get to learn and create something new, and hopefully generate some income online. And that's how Mums Hustle lifestyle blog came about!

You can start reading my blog by clicking here. Enjoy!


Fun Fact!

I love listening to music and I'm totally obsessed with Latin urban right now. It's so uplifting and makes me happy.  My new favorite song at the moment is Con Calma by Daddy Yankee and it's the perfect song to Zumba to!  I don't actually understand the whole song but I have been learning Spanish!