How To Start A Blog

Why starting a WordPress blog through Bluehost is a REALLY good idea

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how to start a blog

Hi and welcome to the How To Start A Blog section of Mums Hustle. Today, I will help guide you through setting up a WordPress blog with Bluehost.

Before we get started on setting up your blog, I would like to share with you why I have chosen to give a tutorial on how to start a blog. This is because I'm new to blogging and I would like to be honest, and share with you how rushing into things can be an expensive lesson!

I thought I had done enough research about blogs and how it can financially change people's lives. But that was the thing, I was reading too many success stories and income reports. I didn't get into the real stuff. How to PROPERLY set up my blog to be self hosted and actually owning my blog.

If you've been following me, you will know that I rushed into making decisions so I could get started ASAP. And I made the amateur move of signing up with, instead of It quickly became very clear that I needed to be on a more expensive plan to achieve my blog goals.

So I did it, I signed up for the business plan.

Although this was a very expensive process, I do NOT regret using the WordPress platform. But I do regret the fact that I'm on the WRONG platform.

Now I know there is a better (and cheaper) way of getting a WordPress blog.

And that's through Bluehost.



Bluehost is a powerful web hosting company and has been recommended by WordPress for years. They also come highly recommended by one of the biggest names in blogging, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

Web hosting companies, like Bluehost, is where your blog lives. Setting up your WordPress blog through Bluehost means you will be using This is also known as self-hosted WordPress. When you are self-hosted, WordPress is FREE to use. This gives you the freedom to customize your theme, install plugins, control your advertisements and most importantly, make money from it!

I am getting all these features on my business plan, but at a much higher price. So please, please, PLEASE get yourself hosted and save yourself some money!


  • Pick your niche

When starting a blog, the most important step is to figure out your niche. If you know what you're going to talk about, it sets the tone for everything else like your blog name, domain name etc.

Think about this. When you have a question in mind about a certain topic, do you have a particular person that you think of? I know I do, and that's why you need to have a niche. You WANT people to come to you. If they get what they were looking for, then they will come back time and time again.

  • Pick a name for your domain

Your domain name, like, is basically your address but online. I think it makes more sense to have a domain name that relates to your niche, and one that is short.

I first started with Hustle For The Struggle. But that was just way too long and settled with Mums Hustle, easier to remember and shorter to type into search engines. Plus I wanted to appeal to my target audience straight away.

These first two steps go hand in hand. When you pick your domain name, make sure not to close yourself in so that you can't branch out later.

At the moment, Mums Hustle is about how to set up a blog for success and how to make money from it. And if I want to branch out later, I can easily do that because my domain name isn't restricting me to just one topic.

  • Sign up with a web hosting company, Bluehost.

Having a self-hosted blog, especially with Bluehost, you get to own your blog. You want to make money from it, right? Then you NEED to own it.

One of the best things about this is, WordPress through Bluehost is FREE. It's just a one-click install button, 24/7 support team and you get a FREE domain too. And this is where picking your domain name comes in.

Click here to take you to the Bluehost homepage then you can come back and follow the sign up process.

Click on the green Get Started button where you will asked to select your plan.

Please note when signing up, the currency showing will be whatever country you're in. For example, if in the U.S. the basic monthly price will be $3.95.

select you bluehost plan

Because you're just starting out, the basic package would be enough for now.

type in the domain name you've chosen earlier

Here, go ahead and and type in the domain name you've chosen earlier in the ‘new domain' box. Or click the Choose Later button if you're still not sure.

Enter you personal details here

Enter your personal details here.

Enter payment details

Then enter your payment details. This price is set for a sign up of 36 months and it's the cheapest price you'll get per month. If you choose 24 months or 12 months, the price per month is more expensive. If you only want to commit to 12 months, that's still very good value for money considering you'll be able to get a WordPress blog for FREE!

You can click the drop down menu next to Account Plan to make your choice. Also get rid of the extras because you don't really need them.

it's time to start your blog

Once you've made your payments you'll be asked to choose a password. Then Bluehost will guide you through the steps!

  • Pick your theme – you can choose a different one later if you change your mind.
  • Then click on ‘Start Building'
  • You will then be asked if you need help setting up a business or personal account. Select ‘I don't need help' if you don't want help.

You've done it! You started a blog with WordPress, Yay! Now, it's time for you to create content and customize your theme to better represent who you are.

I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial on how to start a blog. Please share it with your friends!

How to start a blog with wordpress through Bluehost. Being self-hosted is vital to making money on your blog. Click here to learn how to get your FREE WordPress blog today!