Quick and Easy Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Quick and easy meatballs in tomato sauce

I had some compliments on my Instagram stories about these quick and easy meatballs in tomato sauce, so I thought I’d share my recipe 😊

Living in rural Ireland has forced me to cook things I would’ve just ordered in Australia. Now, I’m no chef but I like to think I have good judgement when it comes to cooking 😅

Last week Lidl had meatballs for sale at 99c for a tray of 12. I figured because they were so cheap, I would experiment! So here’s what I came up with!


2 tbsp olive oil

3 cloves of garlic

Mixed herbs

Rock salt & cracked pepper

Pinch of sugar

2 packets of meatballs

2 cans chopped tomatoes

(I only had 1 can left so I chopped up tomatoes I had in the fridge, to make up an extra can.)

1 packet of basil

2 slices of cheddar cheese


let's get cooking these quick and easy meatballs in tomato sauce!

  • Heat up the olive oil then starting cooking the garlic.
  • Add meatballs. While they’re cooking I season them with salt and pepper, then sprinkle on the mixed herbs.


  • Once the meatballs are evenly cooked on the outside, add the chopped tomatoes.


  • Let this simmer a few minutes, season them again with salt, pepper, another sprinkle of mixed herbs and sugar. Sugar helps get rid of the acidity from the canned tomatoes and seasoning throughout the cook instead of just the end, brings out more flavour. The got these tips from the pros themselves, Nigella and Gordon 😁
  • Break the cheese off in bits and scatter them in the tomatoes. I let this melt in a bit first then stirring in small circles so I don’t actually mix them on the meatballs. My hubby only has cheese on pizza so I try to hide it when I can 😂
  • Let this simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. When you’re nearly ready to serve, add the basil leaves and stir it through.

quick and easy meatballs in tomato sauce

Serve these quick and easy meatballs with tomato sauce with whatever pasta you have in your cupboard! I added some chopped chillies in mine for some heat!

Please feel free to share this recipe ❤️

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