Our Visit To Lismore Castle

Lismore Castle

Our visit to Lismore Castle was so exciting! I couldn’t believe I was going to be on the grounds of a place with so much history attached to it. Plus the girls love playing princesses so naturally they were excited about it too!

The castle itself isn’t open for walk ins, but there are two gardens surrounding it that you can explore. Even though we weren’t in the castle, I always felt its presence, even if I couldn’t see it.

Lismore Castle’s History

Lismore Castle Gardens
Lismore Castle’s history dates back to 1170 and was owned by the Earls of Desmond, now the Cavendish Family. It was built as a sister castle to Ardfinnan Castle to help guard the river crossing.

It was also once owned by Sir Walter Raleigh, who was the man that brought tobacco and potatoes to Ireland. As for the guest list, King Henry II of England stayed here in 1171 and briefly in 1185 and also JFK.


Things To Do At Lismore Castle

Lismore Castle Lower Gardens

There are two gardens to explore so we started in the lower gardens. Here, the girls enjoyed the swing and a bit further up there should be a playground. We didn’t make it there because the girls need the loo!

Lismore Castle, Co. Waterford, Ireland

If you want a closer look at the castle it’s best to be in the lower gardens. Here, we were able to have a cheeky peek through the windows.

Even though it’s not open for walk ins, Lismore Castle is actually available for hire! They sleep up to 12 people for small parties or up to 27 for larger parties. For anything bigger than that, the guests are tended to by the family’s private staff, including a butler!


Gracie running through gardens in excitement

This picture was taken in the upper gardens and Gracie loved seeing all the pretty flowers! Here she was chasing her sisters, who already ran ahead because they couldn’t wait to see what was around the next corner!

Table with potted flowers and a view of the castle

I thought this area was so cute and loved the fact that I can see the castle too.

The upper gardens is a lot bigger than the lower gardens. If you want to take a break from the gardens, there is a gallery room and coffee shop with a little room for young kids to play in while the adults have their drinks in peace!

Final Thoughts about our visit to lismore castle

The final thoughts about our visit to Lismore Castle is that it's well worth the entry fee! It was 20 euros for two adults and three children and Gracie was free.

If I had to mention everything we saw this post will never end, but there was much to see! The girls loved everything they saw and asked lots of questions. It really was a great place to explore to get little minds thinking and little legs tired, haha!

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