Bruschetta is one of my favourite things to nibble on. So fresh and light and I love making it on bite size bread for easy pickings!

This is super quick and easy to make and is perfect for parties or an Italian night 🤤



Tomatoes x 3 (large)

Basil x 10 leaves

Red onion x 1/4


Extra virgin olive oil x 2 – 2.5 tbsp

Deli Counter

Feta cheese x 1/4 block (roughly 60g)

I made this in Perth and used Dodoni feta cheese from Woolworths.


Always Fresh bite size bread biscuits x 1 packet (100g)

Also from Woolworths


All ingredients, except for the biscuits, will go in a mixing bowl.

  • Dice the tomatoes
  • Also dice the red onion
  • Chop basil into long strips
  • Add extra virgin olive oil
  • Crumble feta cheese over the other ingredients
  • Gently mix with a spoon
  • Put the mixture on the bread biscuits and they’re ready to eat!

Please feel free to share this recipe!

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