My Girl’s Style Ep1

Since I did My Style File Ep1, I thought it’d be cool to post about my girl’s style too! They love getting dressed up as much as I do and always asking for a picture. Plus I think their outfits are just too cute not to share!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Jasmine in a dress. When I saw this dress I thought it’d be perfect for her and I was so happy when she said yes to me buying it!

Jasmine is 5’4 and wears a size small in this dress from SHEIN. You can shop this dress or similar dresses here.

Lilly has always been a girly girl. She loves dressing up and always has some sort of accessory, made by herself from stuff she finds around the house or ones from the shop!

Lilly is 6 years old and wears this dress from SHEIN in size 120. Shop this dress or similar dresses here.

Rosie used to be so easy to dress. Now she just wants to wear dresses, as soon as she wakes up! When she’s in her dresses she likes to pretend she’s some sort of character, like Anna from Frozen!

Rosie is nearly 4 and wears size from SHEIN. This dress however, is size 120 because it’s Lilly’s dress but she wanted to wear it. You can shop this dress or similar dresses here.

Gracie is following her sister’s lead and loves it when I pull out new things for her to wear. She puts her hands to her chest and asks, “me?” with a big smile on her face!

Gracie is almost 2 and this dress from SHEIN is a size 90. I thought this dress was a bit small to wear as a dress so I styled it with tights. You can shop this dress or similar dresses here.

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