My Style File Ep1

My style file ep1 is the beginning of many to come outfits that I will be sharing with you guys. I get a lot of questions about my clothes and where I buy them from, so I thought I'd put my outfits on the blog and give you guys a link to it.

Note: Some of the links are affiliate links. This means I may get a small commission if you choose to make a purchase, at no extra cost to you.


Floral dress

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it. So I'm a bit weird this way, if I love it from the get go, I have to have it! This dress is from New Look and it's so soft, light and the perfect floral dress for this summer. Only bought a few weeks ago so it's still available.

I'm just over 5'2 (160 cm) and this dress is size UK 8 or EU 36. You can shop this dress here.

Floral dress with jacket

I've styled this dress with sneakers because I was going shopping. Added a bomber jacket in case I get the chills. It was windy that day, as you can see with all the hair holding!


Nothing beats white on denim! You wouldn't think it from the dresses and skirts I'm wearing on Instagram, but I prefer jeans or pants!

Here, I wanted to have some cover from the sun but still keep cool, and this top was a great choice. As you can see it's quite thin and I'm actually wearing a singlet underneath.

This top is from SHEIN and is size small and you can shop this top here.


I've always been a fan of leopard print. Animal print is a big trend right now but leopard print never goes out of style. This skirt has an elastic waist band with a drawstring and I wore mine high waisted to make myself look taller. At 5'2, I need all the help I can get!

I also bought this from SHEIN in a size small and you can shop this skirt here.

Another look from behind. Excuse my bad regrowth please!

Found this dress at Penny's a few weeks ago and I love how comfortable and light it is. I'm wearing a size 6 because Penny's run a little bigger. Unfortunately they don't have an online shopping facility but you can still have a look at their stuff here. My slides are from New Look. The bags under my eyes, they're mine 😛

It was a warm day and I was taking some cold drinks and snacks to our site for the lads working there. Couldn't wear my slides on a working site so I put my wellies on instead. Felt like a bit like a cow girl in boots and hat!

Here's a closer look at the colour as the top two looked a bit faded in the sun. Oh and the road was dug out that day too, as you can see behind me!

If you couldn't tell, I prefer long skirts to short. With all the bending down I have to do with the kids, I didn't want to risk it!

I bought this in a size small but if I were to buy it again I'd go an extra small because of the elastic waist. I'll get it cut and post a picture on my Instagram eventually. This is another SHEIN purchase (they have cute stuff I couldn't resist!) and you can get yours here!

That's it ladies, see you again next week with more outfits changes. But next time I'll be in Australia, smack in the middle of their winter. Yay, not!

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