Thai curry puffs

Thai Curry Puffs

Thai curry puffs

The first time I had these Thai curry puffs was when I was working as a waitress in a Thai restaurant. When it wasn't busy I would help out in the kitchen and I would be the one frying them up.

I never got the recipe, because she wouldn't tell me! But as I got more comfortable with my own judgement and cooking, I began cooking things I missed eating, by remembering what they tasted like. So pretty much, I started winging it!

Now, I'm not trying to brag, just pretty damn proud of myself! The curry puffs turned out tasting like what I had remembered. I've made them a few times time for different parties and friends and everyone loved them. Phew!

So I'm writing the recipe today because I left Australia promising to give people the recipe, but didn't get around to it. Sorry!

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Recipe for Thai Curry Puffs


Chicken breast – 2 pieces and diced

You can get diced chicken if you want but I actually dice the chicken myself with a meat cleaver.


Onion – 1 large and diced

Potato – 2 large and chopped into small cubes roughly 1 cm

I rinse the potatoes after chopping them to get the excess starch off.


Mae Ploy Yellow Curry Paste – 3 tbsp

Full cream coconut milk – 1 can (400 ml)


Vegetable oil – 1 – 2 tbps

Baking & Spices

Sugar – 1 1/2 – 2 tbsp


Puff pastry sheets – 2 packets. For my Aussie readers, I used Coles puff pastry sheets. I put the sheets in the fridge the night before I want to use them.

Here's a picture of the puff pastry I use in Ireland. I did find these sheets a bit too thick so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know in the comment after this post. I might possibly have to make my own, which is the last thing I want to do!

Puff pastry sheets


  • Heat oil in a large frying pan, then add onion and cook until it's soft
  • Add the Mae Ploy Yellow Curry paste, mixing into the onion while pouring in roughly 60 ml of coconut milk from the can. Once mixed, it should look like gravy.
  • Now add the chicken and cook it through

I like to add a bit more coconut milk at this stage so the contents don't dry out.

  • Put in the potatoes and cook for a few minutes before pouring in the rest of the coconut milk

Thai Curry Puffs Filling

  • Once it starts to boil, I turn the heat down and let it simmer until most of the coconut milk has evaporated. Let this cool down before you start wrapping them in pastry.

Thai curry puffs

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I have a curry puff mould to make my puffs. Here's one I found on Amazon if you want to use a mould, or click here to watch a video that shows you how to roll curry puffs.

I used to fry them in vegetable oil but this time I used an air fryer because I can just stick them in without having to stand over them the whole time. First I put the Thai curry puffs in for half the amount of time needed. That's so I can turn them over to get an even cook. With so much to do already,  I'm down for anything involving less work!

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Please feel free to share my recipes!

Thai Curry Puffs

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