city life vs country life

City Life Vs Country Life

City Life Vs Country Life, Thinking of Rural Living to Raise the Kids?

City life vs country life, can't decide? I lived in Perth (Australia) for most of my life and never imagined leaving. I had everything and everyone there I needed to be happy and comfortable. Wherever I lived there were shops and restaurants in any direction.

Those were my favourite things about city life! Australia is a very multicultural country so there was no shortage of variety in regards to food, and all the places you could get Asian groceries.

Then I met this crazy Irish guy who swept me off my feet! Seven years later we're on a plane with four kids and moving to rural Ireland! I know, what the hell were you thinking?! Right? People asked me that a lot, and in the first few months, I was asking myself the same thing.

city living Vs Country Living, The good vs bad.

City Living,good

  • Good variety of restaurants.
  • Better work opportunities.
  • Quick and easy access to public transport.
  • Lots of shopping centres close by.
  • Uber – Great for nights out with the girls!

City living, bad

  • Crowds – I hate crowds! People are too pushy and are always in it for themselves.
  • People stick to themselves – The only time we knew our neighbours were the last two years!
  • Traffic – enough said!
  • Drivers in Perth aren't very forgiving.

Country living, good

  • A sense of community¬† – This was the one thing my husband, Eric, spoke about the most. In a small town, everyone knows each other and a lot of families have lived here for generations. Eric's family have had their farm for 150 years!
  • People are nicer – I don't know what it is but people are nicer in small towns! Maybe it's the fresh air and beautiful countryside. The feeling is relaxed and carefree!
  • Helpful people – When I was in hospital a few months ago, we had so many people contacting us offering their help. A friend even came over to help put the kids to bed when Eric was at the hospital with me!
  • Hardly any traffic – always a bonus!
  • Peaceful – Looking in any direction from our house we see cows and sheep. It's also nice driving around seeing them grazing in the fields. The never ending fields and mountains, it's just majestic!

City Life Vs Country Life - sheep and cows grazing on grass

Country living, Bad

  • Not close enough to shops – The closest towns to us is 15 and 20 minutes away and that's where the grocery stores are. I normally do online shopping (life saver!) but a few times I've forgotten things and it's a pain I can't just “pop” to the shops.
  • The smell – When the farmers spread slurry (semi-liquid manure) over the fields, there is no smell like it. Close the windows quick!
  • Getting stuck behind tractors – So remember how I said hardly any traffic? Well this is the only traffic you'll get but most of the time they try to give way when it's safe.
  • The car gets dirty quicker – Dirt on the roads from tractors and cows and when there's rain it makes it worse!
  • Narrow roads – The main roads are fine but near residential homes, it's pretty much a one way size road and you'll just have to figure it out yourselves if there's oncoming traffic!


So, city life vs country life. For me and our family, it's definitely country life! We are very lucky to have the family farm to move to and have Granny nearby. They love the open fields and watching the animals and just being outdoors in general.

The sense of community is a big part of why rural living is great. There has been a few community events in the 10 months of us moving here. People gather together and the kids just have a great time. If you are really thinking about moving to a rural area, I highly recommend it!

I hope this helped answer some questions. Please share this and spread the love!

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