Why We Decided To Live In A Mobile Home

Why We Decided To Live In A Mobile Home


Why We Decided To Live In A Mobile Home

Why we decided to live in a mobile home? We have plans to build a house and buying a mobile home was the best way for us to save money. For some people, saving money is one of the hardest things to do. It's so easy to spend money when you know when your next paycheck will be. I'm guilty of that myself.

But, the time came when I had to change my irresponsible money handling! We decided to move overseas. My husband, Eric, is Irish and wanted to give it a go in Ireland.

To have our lives in suitcases is a pretty weird feeling! To move four kids overseas and make it work was enough of an incentive for us to save. We wanted to make the move as easy and painless as possible, so having a lot of savings was a big priority.

What we changed to save money

    • We paid ourselves first. Which means we saved our agreed amount and whatever was left, we lived on that for the week.
    • We cancelled Foxtel (cable TV) which was the biggest saving of all!
    • Changed mobile company
    • Limited take out
    • Stopped shopping at major grocery stores
    • Stock up on half priced products

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When we made the move to Ireland, we knew our savings would quickly disappear. That's why we decided to live in a mobile home while we wait for our house to be built. I've lived in Australia most of my life where the weather is great and the wages even better. Eric was very lucky to have had a great boss who saw his worth and paid him well. We knew moving to Ireland would mean a huge drop in income and I wouldn't be working because our youngest three are too young.

That's why I started a blog, I needed to find a way to make extra money for our family . If you're interested in wanting to work from home, then a blog is a great way to start. Here's a tutorial on how to start a blog.

Eric was the one who suggested we live a mobile home instead of renting. He's the smarter half with money and thinks logically! I was totally against it! How in the world is six people going to live in such small space?

But after talking about it, (and me actually realising that a mobile home wasn't what I pictured at all!) it made sense for us. Why waste money paying rent when we can have something we can sell after?

the pro's of living in a mobile home

  • The one obvious pro of living in a mobile home, we don't have to pay rent!
  • We can sell it and get some money back.
  • You can have the mobile home near your site. This is a big plus for us because when Eric is working on site, it's easy for me and the girls to go back and forth. It's also good when he finishes working for the day and going home is quick and easy!
  • It's furnished! This was great for us because we didn't ship any furniture from Australia.
  • Cleaning a mobile home is A LOT faster than cleaning a house!
  • Doing work to it without getting permission. Eric is a Carpenter so he was able to add his touch so the mobile home was functional for us. These included extra shelves and putting up curtain poles for me. The best addition is definitely our deck, thanks honey!

Why we decided to live in a mobile home Why we decided to live in a mobile home

The con's of living in a mobile home

  • It's tiny! The kitchen, dining and sitting area isn't bad but the hallway and the bedrooms are pokey.
  • Not enough bedrooms. We bought a mobile home with three bedrooms because of our budget. Our eldest is 14 so it was a must for her to have her own room. The two middle girls share a twin room and our youngest is with us!
  • The walls and doors are thin! Forget about privacy because you can hear everything. Although sometimes I think this can be a pro because I like to hear what's going on when the kids are in their rooms!
  • Mould and mildew. Although we have double glazed windows and gas heated radiators, winter in a mobile home is something else! Naturally when it's cold in Australia, we keep all the windows closed. But because it's so damp in Ireland, we have to open the windows daily to ventilate the space. I didn't know this and tried to keep all the heat in and in turn, we ended up with some mould and mildew on the walls. Thank goodness we noticed it quickly!

To be totally honest, at first I was too proud to live in a mobile home. Not in a million years did I ever imagined living this way. Now, I'm so happy that I didn't let my pride get the better of me. We've saved hundreds on rent just buying a mobile home and once our house is built, we can get thousands back from selling it!
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