Extremely simple ideas to master travelling with small kids

Extremely simple ideas to master travelling with small kids

Being a mum is tough. You have to wear so many hats and sometimes the demands of motherhood can get too much. It's time for a well deserved break, right?

Just imagine it, no cooking or cleaning the house. Yes please!

But before you get too ahead of yourself, I'm gonna bring you back to reality.

Packing. I absolutely hate packing because I can't stand it if I forget something. Chasing my kids around is hard enough so the last thing I want to do on holiday is having to go buy forgotten items!


Packing for three small kids, 4 years and under, is no fun. Thank goodness I have a teenager that can pack for herself!

Today I'm going to give you some extremely simple ideas to master travelling with small kids. It definitely helped me a lot on our last family holiday.

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1. Packing Clothes and shoes

simple ways to master travelling with children

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The number one thing I wanted to get right was how I packed the clothes. If your kids are anything like mine, there will be clothes thrown all over the floor!

To avoid this, I packed each outfit in a large zip locked bag with their names on it. You can even go as far as putting what day it is, if you're keen!

I know, it sounds crazy but this was the best thing I did. Not only was it easy for my 4-year-old to dress herself, my husband was able to dress the kids without asking me a million questions!

Shoes? That was easy because they wore a pair and the other was thrown into a zip locked bag like the clothes.

2. Activities for the flight

It's hard trying to keep kids in one place, even for a few minutes! So imagine trying to keep them in their seat for X amount of hours.

Because we had to buy a seat for our two and four-year old girls, they were able to have a carry bag. I made sure they were filled with activities that would keep them busy enough to stay in their seats.

I actually went out and bought new things for the flight. We all like new things and the same goes for kids. Getting new things is exciting so this made sure they played with them for longer.

Here are the items used, some I already had.

3. FREEBIES On board

Most airlines let you bring on a nappy bag and a stroller free of charge. But just check with who you're flying with to be sure.

While you're there tell them you have a baby and ask for a bassinet, which is also free of charge. The good thing about this is you'll be in the front row, which means more leg space. Woohoo!

4. Food

My youngest was on formula so I had all her bottles filled with boiled water and formula in the dispenser. She wasn't old enough to eat so I didn't have to worry about packing food but I did utilize her bag and packed food for the other girls.

Packing food can be tricky and messy, but it doesn't have to be! Just make sure you have no fuss finger foods that is easy to grab and won't make that much of a mess.

Some examples are

  • Cut up apples/pears
  • Grapes
  • Bananas
  • Pre-packed cheese and crackers
  • I also packed the fruits in zip locked bags because who wants to carry empty containers?

You can even pack food for yourselves so you don't get overcharged for something that you could have packed yourself!

And there you have it! My 4 simple ideas to master travelling with small kids.

Did you find something useful that you will be doing on your next family holiday? I'd love to know if you have other ideas too so leave me a comment below. Please don't forget to share this if you liked it!

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