The key to making your blog relevant is easier than you think. You can make your old posts relevant just by adding in a few sentences and keeping it fresh!

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Blog Content Fresh!

Keep your blog update by doing these 5 simple things

Are you updating your old posts? Well you should be and here are five simple things you can do to make your blog content fresh again!

First of all if you haven't started a blog yet, then here is my super easy step -by-step tutorial on how to start a blog.

Last week, I spent a lot of time on the look and feel of my blog. I created a new landing page, rearranged my pages, updated some of my older posts  AND wrote a detailed tutorial on how to start a blog!

While it was great getting that done, I realised it was that time of the week. It was time to write a post and I didn't have it ready!

The importance of consistent blogging

A lot of bloggers start blogging because they want to work from home. Whether you're a seasoned blogger or just starting out, keeping your blog content fresh is crucial if you want to make money online.

How? The one (and most important) thing to remember, is to post consistently.

Creating content is the key to your blog's survival. Not only will it keep your readers coming back, it helps with your Google rankings. Blogging often and consistently is a must to let Google know your blog is still ‘alive'.  They don't like  suggesting outdated information to their searchers so you need to always keep your blog fresh!

Another great way to keep your blog fresh, is to go back to your older posts and update them as you go along. Whenever I'm writing a post, I always ask myself this. How does this new post benefit my previous posts?  If I can add another paragraph to my older posts I'm happy. This way you have a new post and you get to update the rest, keeping everything fresh and relevant!

How to keep your blog relevant. Get readers to stay on your blog.

Ways to keep readers for longer

1. Make sure your content is detailed and helpful to your audience, no matter what the topic is about. When people find your content helpful, they will stay on your blog for longer. This will show Google that your blog is actually very helpful, and in turn will help you get suggested by Google.

2. Using internal links is VERY important. If you're creating helpful and detailed content like I mentioned above, then your internal links will definitely get clicked on. If the post they're reading is good, surely your links will be too, right?

Always keep in mind when you're writing a post, your readers are looking for information to help them. The more help they get the more they want. If you're linking great content after another, your readers will stay on your blog longer and will always come back for more. Maybe even share your posts!

3. Internal links are very easy to have on your blog because you manage them yourself. The hardest link to get is an external link. That is why creating good content is vital!

If you want a respected and well-known blogger to link back to you, make sure you give a detailed explanation on your chosen topic. It's like anything in life, if you're helping someone then you'd want to give them the best recommendation. And YES, this is something you want because this will show Google that your blog is appealing and trustworthy.


Conclusion on how to keep your blog relevant

I know I keep going on about creating content and the importance of it. It REALLY is they key to your blog's success. Of course, other aspects of your blog is important too. It's great to have a blog that looks appealing but if there is no content, there is nothing to come back to look at!

So, to recap!

  • Create fresh content regularly.
  • Update your old content.
  • Make sure it's helpful to your audience.
  • Use internal links wherever you can, but only in context.
  • Try to get external links by producing valuable content.

How do YOU keep your blog relevant? If you have any other tips please leave your comments below because I would love to hear them.

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