You’ve Started A Blog, Now What?

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So you started a blog and now you're wondering what to do next.

You've started a blog and now you're stuck for ideas. I completely get the ‘what now' stage because I went through it myself.

You've set up your theme and wrote a few posts and now find yourself wondering, where do I go from here? What do I really want to blog about?

Well, what do you like doing or talking about with your friends? Is that topic going to help your audience? Or maybe you have something in mind that you've been interested in for a while. You can learn it at the same time as blogging about it, like what I'm doing!

This process is called finding your niche. A niche is an interest, service or product that appeals to people you want to reach, your target audience. If you haven't decided on a certain topic, then a lifestyle blog would be a good place to start.

I know there are a lot of them out there, but we all have to start somewhere, right? And if you are planning on getting traffic from Pinterest, they can show you what your most popular pin is. Now THAT'S a great tool to let you see what you should be focusing on!

Grammarly Writing Support

If you don't know much about Pinterest, I suggest you jump on that REAL FAST.

I'm already seeing results on Pinterest just by changing up a few words and following a few tips I learned from reading other successful bloggers. Check out my post on getting traffic to your site.

For those who don't know, Pinterest is a search engine like Google or Bing.  But the difference is it's a visual search engine. When you search for something, instead of a  list you get pins.

A pin is basically a poster about what you've just searched for. It normally has a few words over the picture to show your search results.

But how do I make my blog profitable?

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which will help me keep this blog up and running.


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In order to make money online, you need to partner yourself up with companies that you think will help you sell your content better. This is called affiliate marketing.

For those who are new to affiliate marketing, it's when you join up with a company to sell their product or service. They give you affiliate links with your tracking ID and if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission from that sale!

In saying that though, if you want to have a successful blog then I suggest you only promote products that is related to your blog. Not just throw in links here and there in the hope of someone clicking on it. You'll lose your credibility and your readers!

To join these affiliates you must first sign up with an affiliate network.

Affiliate networks and affiliate programmes that will help your blog


  • Tailwind – It is an Instagram and Pinterest tool that helps you schedule posts and pins.
  • PicMonkey – This is an AMAZING photo editing tool that will take your Pinterest and Instagram pictures to the next level. It's so easy to use, I love it!
  • Grammarly – If you're not confident with putting your work out there before it gets checked, then this is a great tool. Like the name suggests, it checks your grammar!
  • CreativeLive – They offer online classes in photography, art, design, craft & DIY, marketing and business. The best part is it's available on demand  24/7!


It's easy to join with Amazon and they give you up to 10% commission. Although it's not a big percentage, they also pay you commission on other products bought through that link!


Awin is the largest affiliate network in Europe but is growing rapidly in the U.S. It's a 5 euro fee for sign up but you get that once you're approved.


MaxBounty has the highest commission rates and is the best CPA (cost per action) network.

Another way of earning an income is by placing image ads in your content. This is still apart of affiliate marketing, but with pictures. I think it adds more appeal to your content and great to have for readers who just skim through.

That's it for today

I hope this post was helpful and got you even MORE excited about the fact that you started a blog.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal place to start to make your blog profitable. Once your links are set up, it's ready to make you a passive income. Now let's get thinking about some new content and new partnerships to promote!

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